Prehistoric village “Sa Ruda”

Dear Teachers,

on the shores of Cabras pond, close to the archaeological sites Is Arrius and Conca Illonis, Sa Ruda’s company SA RUDA hosts the life-size reconstruction of a prehistoric village, composed by fully furnished huts, common space for activities, animal fencing, cultivated fields…

“SA RUDA” PROJECT stands between experimental archaeology, ethnology and didactics.
The private initiative of the owners of the company Sa Ruda made use of the collaboration of a research group of the University of Sassari, active in the field of experimental archeology.

The contribution of artisans and senior citizens was really relevant because they have applied their abilities and knowledge towards the realization of traditional crafts and transmission of ancient activities that could otherwise get forgotten or lost: weaving on a vertical loom, binding of basket, preparation of mats, networks in linen, the characteristic lagoon boats.

Laboratorio tessitura
Weaving workshop

In an age (ours) in which high technology deprived man of direct contact with raw materials, children and adults
they can rediscover, through village activities, the ingenuity and creativity of our ancestors in response to primary needs ranging from subsistence to spirituality.

The formula of experimentation and the manual approach to materials is, without doubt, the more valid educational path, focused on learning those themes directly related to the prehistoric archaeology.

School activities endeavor to show the entire productive cycles, from the supply of raw materials to the realization of manufactured products, to their utilization. The activities show through simulation of the archaeologic excavation the discovery of these artefacts.

It is also possible to add on a guided tour to the village, which was densely inhabited during the prehistoric period and which now forms part of “Sinis- Mal di Ventre” Marine Protected Area.

scavo simulato Villaggio Sa Ruda
simulated excavation Sa Ruda Village

To further information, follow this link: Sa Ruda Village: Farmhouse Sa Ruda